Reasons Why Tracking Temperatures is the Key to a Successful Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is one of the most in-demand forms of paving today. Many home and property owners can testify how remarkable asphalt is. Well, asphalt will never gain its popularity when it is not cost-effective and useful nowadays. Since asphalt is flexible, you can use this material in many ways. You can have it in your patio, driveways, paving, and many more. All you have to do is ensure that your asphalt is well-placed and well-installed. Never forget to take good care of your place, especially during the preparation.  

If you want your asphalt to look more attractive and free from damages, you can conduct seal coating. It gives your asphalt extra protection against the heat of the sun. Not just that, seal coating will disallow chemicals from penetrating. In this manner, your asphalt will live longer than you expected. With whatever concerns you have in mind with your asphalt, feel free to message paving new Britain. They will help you achieve your long-term dream. And that is to have the best paving material in town! 

Sometimes, many people think that asphalt paving construction is easy. Many owners try to construct alone without professionals. Later, they found that there are many factors that they need to consider to have successful asphalt paving. One of the factors is to track the temperature. And this article will explain to you the reasons why tracking temperatures is key to successful asphalt paving. 

In asphalt paving construction, we need to tackle three types of temperature. We need to talk about the following temperature: 

  1. Air temperature 
  2. Base temperature 
  3. Asphalt mat temperature 

First the air temperature that is also known as ambient temperature. In checking the ambient temperature, you need to follow the steps. The first step is to monitor and look before, during, and after the construction. It should be 50 degrees F and more before you start the project. After that, you need to determine the velocity of the wind. The speed of the wind is necessary to cool your asphalt paving. The faster the velocity, the faster your asphalt paving cools down. Lastly, you need to determine if precipitation occurs within the day. It will bring complications to the required asphalt paving compaction.  

The second, the base temperature. If you think that the ambient temperature is critical, then the base temperature is much more than that. You can use an infrared thermometer to monitor this type of temperature. You need to ensure that the temperature is exact before installing the mixture. If the mixture did not reach the desired temperature, expect that you have failing paving. It means that you are wasting your money for nothing. For instance, when you install a cold mixture, it will only break instantly. The compaction is failing, and so are the other things. 

Lastly is the paving temperature. Pavement temperature is crucial to the roller operators. It will let them know when they need to roll. When patching or installing a new surface, it is best to check and monitor the temperature and velocity of the wind. And if you want to ensure that your asphalt paving is well-installed, contact professionals to do the project. You will never regret your decision to allow them to handle the project!